Passionate Desires

The King of fruits and my heart

It would be sacrilege (at this moment & season) to begin my story, without the mention of The Mango (hereon, mentioned as such: The Mango). I cannot in words, let you fathom my LOVE for The Mango. It is not for just any reason, crowned as ‘The King of Fruits’. There is an absolute valid… Continue reading The King of fruits and my heart

Passionate Desires, SOCAiO

The temPAPERtuous affairs

What is it about books that has me all enthralled? The feel of barks of trees in his soul? Or the sweet smells (mostly) of the forests in her bosom? The dainty walks of the alphabets all written on her skin? The warmth of his hard 'spine' against my fingers? I have been given to… Continue reading The temPAPERtuous affairs