Passionate Desires

The King of fruits and my heart

It would be sacrilege (at this moment & season) to begin my story, without the mention of The Mango (hereon, mentioned as such: The Mango). I cannot in words, let you fathom my LOVE for The Mango. It is not for just any reason, crowned as ‘The King of Fruits’. There is an absolute valid… Continue reading The King of fruits and my heart

Chit chat

A name and it’s stories

What's in a name, they ask? A lot, I say. P.S.: Yes, this is an old-ish (yet, younger) pic of thee. When I made Aliyah, people here had such a rough time, pronouncing my name. It was at the same time, frustrating and hilarious. Linguistically stuck, I would ‘hand-sign’ my name, pointing to the almost-there… Continue reading A name and it’s stories

In the Middle of the East

Not so ‘NORMAL’ after all

So, here it goes. Part I Israel was the forebearer in getting most of her population vaccinated and Hip Hip Hurrah to us all. We took care of the ‘virus pandemic’ and has just about started getting back to ‘normal’ life. Shopping, studying, working, playing, enjoying, living. And then the pandemic that doesn’t seem to… Continue reading Not so ‘NORMAL’ after all

In the Middle of the East

Barrage of rockets & emotions

I am beyond infuriated, frustrated, sad & scared too. For all my friends and family who have been continuously enquiring of our 'position', 'fortunately' we are nestled between the North and the Center of Israel, so we have not experienced the complete barrage of it all. Although, a couple of days back, the North and… Continue reading Barrage of rockets & emotions

In the Middle of the East

The truth about Sheikh Jarrah

Part II The “excuse” for this part of their evil transgression was the neighbourhood Sheikh Jarrah. If I had to say something about this, I may not be taken seriously, coz I am not being fair. So, here is a post by Bassem Eid, an Israeli Arab, a Palestinian human rights activist. Read it and… Continue reading The truth about Sheikh Jarrah