In the Middle of the East

Barrage of rockets & emotions

I am beyond infuriated, frustrated, sad & scared too.

For all my friends and family who have been continuously enquiring of our ‘position’, ‘fortunately’ we are nestled between the North and the Center of Israel, so we have not experienced the complete barrage of it all. Although, a couple of days back, the North and its peripehery were also under the red alert & 7 rockets from Lebanon (to our North), were fired and ‘luckily’ did not do any harm.

Our village has many Arabs neighbours and we did experience arson, vandalism, stone throwing, etc. It isnt easy being in the midst of this and we can only imagine the chaos in the center and south of the country.

There has been a barrage of more than 3000 rockets. Yes, you heard it right. 3000 freaking bombs been sent from Gaza to Israel. Why? Who cares why? How dare they? This is the Hamas, a terrorist organisation, inciting all this vile drama. And, if they had the guts they would do it, without holding innocent civilians lives at deaths gate. Muslims, Christians, Jews, everyone is included in this circle of fire.



And then, if this is not enough (it never will be), the whole world stands up against Israel. Why? Coz we wish to defend our country and our people. What would your country do?

We are told we are not following the “rules of war”. What? Are you crazy? What rules? Rules in war? It’s like saying, there are rules in madness. What the heck is going on? Have these idiots lost the last miniscule of their thinking minds?

How can anyone blame us for this? What would you do, if someone tried to hurt you, your family? Would you keep quiet? We are being bombarded non-stop. In some areas, you have less than 30 seconds, yes 30 seconds, to get yourself, your kids, your family, your life in a bomb shelter in less than 3 seconds. Less than 30 seconds to understand the situation, collect your life & run to the shelter to hopefully save your life.

Dont you dare blame us for doing all we can for every citizen, yes, every citizen of Israel. Food, shelter, jobs, health, wealth. What more? They want us all to be killed. Finished. And then what? You think it will end if we give up everything? No. It wont. Coz their greed is beyond anything that can be comprehended.

They say we are killing innocent civilans? No, you dumb asses, do the math. When they send their bombs, they dont care from where they send it. Coz they are doing it from schools, hospitals, residential areas. Then they send it to wherever is possible, including Arab neighbourhoods here in Israel.

When Israel has to bomb these active bomb sites, they send messages, calls are made, pamplets are thrown from the skies, to inform civilians of the details of the incoming bombs. Then a small projectile is sent to give a last warning before the big one is launched. Do you beleive we want to do that? No we dont. But we have no choice.

Arabs do NOT like Hamas and are tired of their antics. But as it is everywhere, most times ‘Money Talks, Bullshit Walks’.

No, we are NOT going to take this. Enough is enough. Our kids are being sent in the mouth of evil to kill its head off. Do we wish to? No. Do we have a choice? No.

And you all sitting there cozily at home watching the media giving you one sided news, I DO NOT GIVE YOU A CHOICE OF TELLING ME WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS NOT. My country is burning, my people are dying, my life is not normal anymore. Go enjoy your life. DO NOT DARE complicate mine.

I stand with Israel. If you wish to stand with the terrorists, I know I DO NOT stand with you.

Shabbath shalom y’all.

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