In the Middle of the East

Not so ‘NORMAL’ after all

So, here it goes. Part I

Israel was the forebearer in getting most of her population vaccinated and Hip Hip Hurrah to us all. We took care of the ‘virus pandemic’ and has just about started getting back to ‘normal’ life. Shopping, studying, working, playing, enjoying, living. And then the pandemic that doesn’t seem to leave us, strikes. Again. Nothing appeases them. Everything incites them.

And no, don’t get me wrong. Im not talking about the Arabs (Palestinians, as you call them. Let’s get our facts right, shall we? This region was known as Palestine, so people from this region are all Palestinians. Just like Asians, Europeans, Africans). I’m talking about the terrorist group Hamas. And terrorists being terrorists, they do not care about anyone or anything. Their minds are politically crude, and they are the epitome of evil. They will do just about anything to get their way and you better not be in their path. What you see is created by 1% of the population. Less, if not more. They thrive on their evil souls.

What agitates me is that this minuscule of a monstrosity takes credence. Though they seem to be in thousands, they do not represent us. We are all disgusted by their thoughts and actions. We the ‘normal’ people, have been living and loving (too), working and eating and playing and enjoying together. We are happy and content with each other. At the end of the day, when the cows come home, we just want to be with our family safe and happy.

But, then evil intentions were acted upon and a plot to destroy everything, took focal point. Ramadan, the holiest month for the Muslims, was desecrated with their unholy intentions and acts & could not be silently revered. Eid could not be boisterously enjoyed. ‘Shavuot’, a Jewish festival has now been bloodied. Fear has become the forebearer for everything, again. Why? Politics? Power?

Want to know what was their excuse, this time around. Read this insightful post The truth about Sheikh Jarrah


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