My calm, my Sam!

We have all probably heard of the saying, “Stop & smell the roses.” Well, my darling Sam is much more than that. He doesn’t only stop and smell the flowers; he peruses, he observes, he clears the weeds, he inspects, he makes them better.

That is the way he is. Always has been, I guess. In his world, there is no hurry, usually. Where you take 4 steps, he hasn’t even taken one, coz all his senses must feel, must experience. And if you happen to move into his calm orbit, you must learn to ponder and regale. It is absolutely difficult, keeping the patience, I must warn you, but, oh, the experience, is something else.

He is one with nature. I see no difference when I see him amongst it. He is calm and yet his soul wanders. He is patient and yet his mind conjures. He is The Universe and The Universe is him.

I have learned and can testify to his prowess over patience. Buds bloom, seedlings sprout, the earth flowers. The good somehow takes over. His kindness and tranquil nature, subdues all the chaos. His generosity and tenderness, quells the storms.

From a fireman to a farmer, from fire to earth, he does it all, with his mind, heart, soul & more. Around him, everything is tranquil and yet moving. With him, all is calm and yet there’s an underlying bubbling of joy.

Both, Sam & Maya are happy and so am I !!

My dear Sam, you are my anchor, you are my wings. You are my joy, where no woe lives. With you, I yearn for nothing else (except Kevin, of course). Happiest of fun days my SAMshine. I love you more than yesterday. Cannot wait for tomorrow!

Mother Nature – teaches me to dress

It is absolutely unbelievable to discover how different everything actually is from what we know or rather what we think we know. Like for instance, the facts we face when we move to another place, whether it’s across the border to another city or country lines.

The weather for instance. Ooooff what a power gutter. It has been more than 4 years for me here and I am still fretting with the upcoming summers and gluing my nose to frosted windows during the erratic winters. Ok, I must first of all admit with all conviction of my rattling bones, that I simply ADORE the WINTERS. I LOVE THEM. And no, I ain’t hiding that bit, and now that I am all goaded up in my woolleez, absolutely not. Spring is good enough, yes. Ah but the winters!!! The summers though are an absolutely different thread count for me. I mean yes, I have heard people say that it is so much better, what with being able to dress barely (?!?) and the sensation of the sunny sun burning up your skin. Yea right.

Getting back to the winters, I LOVE the fact that you get dressed up in layers and layers of clothes with fur and wool to warm you up. With gloves and stockings and pom pom hats to fashion you out. Sorry boys.

Also, what is the deal with stockings? Man oh man. This is what I was talking about in the beginning of my story here. I used to drool over the way they looked and maybe made a woman feel. Remember the movies? However now, it’s almost a nightmare until I have it all pulled over till where it needs to be. There are so many kinds and varieties in colours and shapes and sizes and maybe more that I still am learning about. I have to decide to wear stockings atleast a day in advance and give myself 10 minutes minimum to get those damn slithery ‘socks’ up until where they belong. However, once they have reached their heights and crevices, lo & behold you are transformed into a ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Lara Croft’. However, before this literal ‘renovation’, you are like trying to push a pillow case into its cover.

Oh and I must not forget the shoes. Woooaahhh. Ankle length, knee length, calf length, boots and more. I so LOVE being a woman. Winters, winters come cool me up. Fuzzy, furry, warm blankets come warm me down.

Cool fingers, ciao.

Fear or just plain simple laziness

Its been more than a month since my first post (it was when I did write this) and i’m at the same time frustrated and scared and dejected about not writing. Each day atleast a 100 times if not a thousand, there are ideas and thoughts waiting to be written down. And I….I just dont do it. I dont know what it is that stops me from doing so. Its just plain frustrating.

Anyway, all said and done, had no more excuses for myself so here i am. There are many people who always in their own way goaded me on to write. And I can only say ‘Thank you’ for prodding me on everytime. I am sincerely going to begin writing. There’s just way too much in my head and it needs to be elsewhere now. Like here for example.

So, i’m going to read some more in how to get things going and until then add some snippets all along for you to follow me and catch on. See you soon!


Independence Day & all that buzz

Independence Day didn’t really mean the most important to me I must admit. Don’t we all take it for granted, like a matter of way perhaps. I was no different. It was another holiday for me. I ‘needed’ the rest believe me. Every minute I could get it, was Independence for me.

4 years back as of today (August 15, 2016) it crash landed on me, kind of. I still remember that day and know I shall never ever forget. I was so so scared, I had NO shit in my pants or wherever it is supposed to be. Oh well, maybe I am just over-reacting, yeah, but it was almost like that. I was to leave the next evening to a place I have never ever visited or seen, just heard of and not very pleasant things I must say. And no, absolutely it isn’t one of your run off the mill place, that you fantasise to take off to, to have a romantic moment, or an adventurous time or to rake in the moolah. For me, this was all of that and more all at once. I was to live there. Live life as it comes, each minute, each hour and each day.

I had never ever lived alone, ever. I think back now and wonder, ‘Oh what a cushioned life I led’. Family, friends, colleagues, strangers. My strangers. Strangers I could, if I wished to, have a word with or not. Now I have is only unknown ‘not my’ strangers, sadly. Strangers that I cannot chit chat with. The constant chatter around me was replaced by eerie silence many a times. Anyway, I was really trying to be so stoic and courageous for my parents, my son and most of all, me. I was withering inside. I was so so scared. Writing this, I am literally crying, my body shaking. Its like re-living those moments. Long arduous moments.

Independence. What a word. What a feeling. An emotion that overwhelms. Its so real, you can feel it. Positively, it was a good thing to have moved away. It taught me and Kevin too many a things. We surely do take a lot of things for granted and this taught us that some things you just cannot. Simple things seemed Herculean and when achieved I felt like God. Ok ok almost like Him.

I am glad I took this step and dont regret it. I absolutely miss being back home for the simplicity of it all and then yet this all seems like another day of adventure, another day at giving a new life a shot. Cheerios!

Butterflies & goosebumps to start it all

And so the journey begins…. Watching me steady my mind and hands, is our very own garden raised, home made shot of Limoncello, as i begin my vagabonding with words to create my roots. And this time its LIVE, people. Its going to be open and out there. (P.S.: Have you realised how those ‘butterflies’ flutter into your guts and begin a trend. They are exquisite and yet paralyse. Well, lucky for me, I ‘goosebumped’ them alright.)

Frankly, I still prefer pen to paper, literally. Or even a ‘WORD’ doc would do. Not yet comfortable with these blog post thingies. And no i am not going to get b(L)ogged down by it all. So that’s that.

Well then, there’s a million and more things to say and a billion and more things that conjure up in my mind as I do. I am going to reign in all those thoughts and paint them here into words for everyone to see and most of all, me. So then, join in my bubble of delight and lets word it out shall we?

Talk to you soon. Ciao.