Mother Nature – teaches me to dress

It is absolutely unbelievable to discover how different everything actually is from what we know or rather what we think we know. Like for instance, the facts we face when we move to another place, whether it’s across the border to another city or country lines.

The weather for instance. Ooooff what a power gutter. It has been more than 4 years for me here and I am still fretting with the upcoming summers and gluing my nose to frosted windows during the erratic winters. Ok, I must first of all admit with all conviction of my rattling bones, that I simply ADORE the WINTERS. I LOVE THEM. And no, I ain’t hiding that bit, and now that I am all goaded up in my woolleez, absolutely not. Spring is good enough, yes. Ah but the winters!!! The summers though are an absolutely different thread count for me. I mean yes, I have heard people say that it is so much better, what with being able to dress barely (?!?) and the sensation of the sunny sun burning up your skin. Yea right.

Getting back to the winters, I LOVE the fact that you get dressed up in layers and layers of clothes with fur and wool to warm you up. With gloves and stockings and pom pom hats to fashion you out. Sorry boys.

Also, what is the deal with stockings? Man oh man. This is what I was talking about in the beginning of my story here. I used to drool over the way they looked and maybe made a woman feel. Remember the movies? However now, it’s almost a nightmare until I have it all pulled over till where it needs to be. There are so many kinds and varieties in colours and shapes and sizes and maybe more that I still am learning about. I have to decide to wear stockings atleast a day in advance and give myself 10 minutes minimum to get those damn slithery ‘socks’ up until where they belong. However, once they have reached their heights and crevices, lo & behold you are transformed into a ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Lara Croft’. However, before this literal ‘renovation’, you are like trying to push a pillow case into its cover.

Oh and I must not forget the shoes. Woooaahhh. Ankle length, knee length, calf length, boots and more. I so LOVE being a woman. Winters, winters come cool me up. Fuzzy, furry, warm blankets come warm me down.

Cool fingers, ciao.

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