Farm and the life we sow and reap

Living it up in the farm

It will be two years in a few months since we moved to the ‘rural’ area from the city life. (More a town than a city). Certain things were surely easy to do there. Like, if you do not own a car, it wasn’t that difficult to travel anywhere as there were options & choices to reach someplace. Or a choice of stores to shop from or a couple of places to eat. The town we lived in was quite a quiet town and life was so to say simple, easy living.

But boy oh boy, what a 180 degree turn this has been, coming here to a moshav (pronounced moh-shaav) (a type of cooperative agricultural community). When we began our journey looking for an agricultural village to move to, we did go to a couple other places and somehow they did not all bode well for us. However, this place was a life changer for sure.

As soon as you turn off the main road, onto the road to the moshav, you are enthralled. Green, brown, growing, flowering farms, coupled with rolling quilted hills, blue azure skies, the road dotted with eucalyptus trees following the curves of a year round stream freshening up your senses with their therapeutic sweet smells, she (the moshav) welcomes you into her green vibrant embrace. You are immediately transformed. And this is just the path leading to her arms.

The moshav itself is enveloped by hills and mountains and varying colours of green. She is like the only precious stone amongst the vastness of nature. When you travel at night on the main road coming in towards her, you can literally see her like a dot of brilliance spreading her lights all around her. Although, the majority of families living here are farmers and grow various things including livestock, there are many urban families that have moved here to live and travel to the cities for work. Getting varied exemptions for living on communities such as these is a HUGE plus other than just having a FUNtastic lifestyle.

We wake up each day to the birds chirping, goats bleating, roosters croaking (oh yea we have an abundance of animals around us, thanks to our neighbours) and the trees dance their happy dance for us. EACH AND EVERYDAY, OVER AND OVER. And it never fails to stir up the senses. Do you know what I do when I wake up first? Run to the window to look at it all. Cannot and do not wish to waste even a moment of perfectness. And this is just when the sun rises. Oh man the evenings, I could do another chapter on that. We are blessed, simply put.

Me, a city girl, took quite some (longish) time to get used to this subtle quiet. Sometimes, the silence is too loud and the darkness too glaring, isn’t it? However, i would not want to live anywhere but here, ever. It rejuvenates you, no matter what and how. I do not have to go to a spa or take holidays, coz i’m living the fun life here. Oh, what a pleasure and what luck it is to be here in my home, in my farm, in my paradise!!

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