Before we tie the Knot

Our Love Story

Sam: “I am the Colombian aroma in this fun ratio. Born in Barranquilla (pronounced ‘Buh-rrun-kee-yaah’), Colombia, my family moved to Florida, USA when I was 14. I am an ex-fire chief & moved to Israel 13 years ago. I am now living my dream of being a farmer and work the land raising barley for beer, plantains, papayas and other goodies.”

Dimple: “I am the chatpata (mixture of spices) Indian, in this mix. Was born and raised in Aamchi Mumbai (OUR Mumbai, as it is so fondly called). An ex-banker, I moved to Israel with my darling son Kevin, 6 years back. I now waddle in exploring my creative endeavours and ‘try’ & help Sam (sometimes) around the farm.”

We met in October 2012, under a ‘Sukkah’ during the festival of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) at a Chabad organised “PARTY” (pppfff still huffing & puffing at them for calling it a PARTY) for the first time. Although, Sam intensely agrees he fell for me then, I, did not. I wasn’t looking for anything ‘intense’ as yet, you see. Well, Facebook profiles shared, he dropped me & my friend off at the Absorption Centre (that’s where new immigrants to the country live, when you make ‘Aliyah’) and things went quiet from then until December. Sam called my friend (who he knew prior to the October event) & invited both of us for a whisky tasting party. I (fortunately for Sam), love whisky and agreed for the tasting. And well, as they say, the rest is history. I am still drunk (so to say) in his love and he? Well, still dancing on the table. Now, we dance, together in love, in our farm opposite to the splendid Mount Tabor.

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