Before we tie the Knot

The Proposal….that didn’t happen on a bent knee

While cruising along on the beautiful Caribbean (where else would you want to be, right?), on ‘Captains Night’, dressed in all our finery, me in my saree of course and him in a tux, lucky to NOT be seated with anyone else (which is rare), HE PROPOSED. Me, shocked, as I was absolutely not expecting it, had to ask him, atleast 5 times to be sure of his intentions. He confirmed. And re-confirmed. All 5 times. Did I tell you that he is absolutely patient 😉

With no ring to propose (that way I got to choose my ring… yyeeaahh) OR a knee bent in request, we opened a bottle of one of the finest champagne to celebrate my tears, culled fears & of course our love… L’chaim (Le-chaaeem) Cheers in Hebrew.

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