Fear or just plain simple laziness

Its been more than a month since my first post (it was when I did write this) and i’m at the same time frustrated and scared and dejected about not writing. Each day atleast a 100 times if not a thousand, there are ideas and thoughts waiting to be written down. And I….I just dont do it. I dont know what it is that stops me from doing so. Its just plain frustrating.

Anyway, all said and done, had no more excuses for myself so here i am. There are many people who always in their own way goaded me on to write. And I can only say ‘Thank you’ for prodding me on everytime. I am sincerely going to begin writing. There’s just way too much in my head and it needs to be elsewhere now. Like here for example.

So, i’m going to read some more in how to get things going and until then add some snippets all along for you to follow me and catch on. See you soon!


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