My calm, my Sam!

We have all probably heard of the saying, “Stop & smell the roses.” Well, my darling Sam is much more than that. He doesn’t only stop and smell the flowers; he peruses, he observes, he clears the weeds, he inspects, he makes them better.

That is the way he is. Always has been, I guess. In his world, there is no hurry, usually. Where you take 4 steps, he hasn’t even taken one, coz all his senses must feel, must experience. And if you happen to move into his calm orbit, you must learn to ponder and regale. It is absolutely difficult, keeping the patience, I must warn you, but, oh, the experience, is something else.

He is one with nature. I see no difference when I see him amongst it. He is calm and yet his soul wanders. He is patient and yet his mind conjures. He is The Universe and The Universe is him.

I have learned and can testify to his prowess over patience. Buds bloom, seedlings sprout, the earth flowers. The good somehow takes over. His kindness and tranquil nature, subdues all the chaos. His generosity and tenderness, quells the storms.

From a fireman to a farmer, from fire to earth, he does it all, with his mind, heart, soul & more. Around him, everything is tranquil and yet moving. With him, all is calm and yet there’s an underlying bubbling of joy.

Both, Sam & Maya are happy and so am I !!

My dear Sam, you are my anchor, you are my wings. You are my joy, where no woe lives. With you, I yearn for nothing else (except Kevin, of course). Happiest of fun days my SAMshine. I love you more than yesterday. Cannot wait for tomorrow!

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