In the Middle of the East

Offence & defense

Let me begin todays post be telling you a story. A real one.


Kevin was maybe 5 years old. Jr. K.G. He was the youngest in his class. An adorable little bundle of joy & absolute cuteness. (Those of you who knew him then, will agree). So each day, before he went to school, I told him to study well, listen to the teacher, make friends, not get into fights, smile & yes, enjoy. Being a bunch of rambunctious kids, told him if in case someone said or did something wrong, to ask the teacher to intervene. Kevin did just that. Enjoyed, smiled & didn’t get into any trouble.

However, there came a day, Kevin told me that one of his ‘friends’ pushed him around. I asked him to talk to the teacher the next day & to NOT retaliate. Kevin did just that. As most of you know, that the teachers in India are usually overwhelmed by the numbers in the class and dismissed his plea to intervene. I told Kevin, that if it happens again to just move away from that situation. Don’t get hurt.

A couple of days later, Kevin came home with a scar very close to his right eye. I was beyond myself. It was the same ‘friend’ that almost took Kevins eye off, with a pencil. I went to the school the next day & asked Kevin to point out the ‘friend’ to me.

There he was. This little kid, tinier than Kevin, trotting feet, waving hands, saying hello to Kevin, with a wide smile. I smile. He comes over, smiles wider & says “Hello aunty”. I smile back, wickedly (poor kid must have not known whats coming) & gently take him close & with a stern look & no smile, ask him to never ever put his hands or anything else on my Kevin. EVER. And if he does, well. That’s it. He cowers, apologises to the 2 of us, promises to never do it again. I smile & ask them both to go to class. Done. Over. Never ever did that kid or any other (as far as I know) ever hurt my baby again.

Thankfully, this situation was diffused. Hereon, I told Kevin, that he must take care of himself. He must not let anyone hurt him. We, as parents, only want good for our kids. We want them to be safe and happy and successful. We ready to take on the worst for our kids, no questions asked. If someone tries to hurt my child, I will take offence & defend. Period.

So, I ask you something? Why should it be any different when its my country? My people? Why?

To understand better, click on my next post Not so normal after all

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