Beautiful wonderful world

Yesterday the rains soaked us, again, in all her wonders. And today, the weather Gods drenched us in blue skies, fluffy white clouds & a beautiful breeze. An absolute & surprising respite for the month of May.

Took full advantage of the fab weather and went on a treasure hunt of ‘Babies – Plant babies’. And I am not dejected. Almost every plant has sprouted and a few have surprised us. Amongst the first timers we have pomegranates, mulberries, pitangas, dates, garlic, sugarcane & even a pineapple. I am beyond happy. We wanted to plant new babies and try out birthing a few new ones. So planted ginger and turmeric and jack fruit and Indian lemons.

Now, you must understand, that although, I L-O-V-E my life here on the farm, I am still a city girl. Getting down in the earth and making my hands and nails dirty is beneath me. Or so I thought. I L-O-V-E going glug-chuck-pluck-plop-wooppee!! And then when those little buds, actually bud into flowers and fruits, what a pleasure it is, to just pluck them off and eat them then and there. Nothing beats a fresh bite. Yum….

I L-O-V-E today and if I haven’t said it before, let me say it again. I am enjoying this Social Distancing thing. I am happy!!!

About vagabondrootzhttp://daniellea2012.wordpress.comIts been a journey for quite a while now and its time for me to connect with my roots and bring to life my love for words.

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