Butterflies & goosebumps to start it all

And so the journey begins…. Watching me steady my mind and hands, is our very own garden raised, home made shot of Limoncello, as i begin my vagabonding with words to create my roots. And this time its LIVE, people. Its going to be open and out there. (P.S.: Have you realised how those ‘butterflies’ flutter into your guts and begin a trend. They are exquisite and yet paralyse. Well, lucky for me, I ‘goosebumped’ them alright.)

Frankly, I still prefer pen to paper, literally. Or even a ‘WORD’ doc would do. Not yet comfortable with these blog post thingies. And no i am not going to get b(L)ogged down by it all. So that’s that.

Well then, there’s a million and more things to say and a billion and more things that conjure up in my mind as I do. I am going to reign in all those thoughts and paint them here into words for everyone to see and most of all, me. So then, join in my bubble of delight and lets word it out shall we?

Talk to you soon. Ciao.

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