In the Middle of the East

Offence & defense

Let me begin todays post be telling you a story. A real one. Kevin was maybe 5 years old. Jr. K.G. He was the youngest in his class. An adorable little bundle of joy & absolute cuteness. (Those of you who knew him then, will agree). So each day, before he went to school, I… Continue reading Offence & defense

Farm and the life we sow and reap

Spring has sprung & how!

Yesterday the rains soaked us, again, in all her wonders. And today, the weather Gods drenched us in blue skies, fluffy white clouds & a beautiful breeze. An absolute & surprising respite for the month of May. Took full advantage of the fab weather and went on a treasure hunt of 'Babies - Plant babies'.… Continue reading Spring has sprung & how!

Passionate Desires, SOCAiO

The temPAPERtuous affairs

What is it about books that has me all enthralled? The feel of barks of trees in his soul? Or the sweet smells (mostly) of the forests in her bosom? The dainty walks of the alphabets all written on her skin? The warmth of his hard 'spine' against my fingers? I have been given to… Continue reading The temPAPERtuous affairs

Before we tie the Knot

Shalom, Namaste, Hello, Hola…

Any foreign country you visit and by foreign I mean where the local language ain't English, it could get a bit awkward to start with. You must agree, that it's always a plus point to atleast be able to make an effort, to speak a few words in the local language. It is always highly… Continue reading Shalom, Namaste, Hello, Hola…