Before we tie the Knot

Shalom, Namaste, Hello, Hola…

Any foreign country you visit and by foreign I mean where the local language ain’t English, it could get a bit awkward to start with. You must agree, that it’s always a plus point to atleast be able to make an effort, to speak a few words in the local language. It is always highly recommended and appreciated as well. So, Bruchim HaBaim le Yeesrael (Broocheem Ha-baeem Le Israel)!! It means “Welcome to Israel”. Yalla Yalla (kind of “lets go” or “lets start” in Arabic actually but widely used in Hebrew as well).

Before I begin, let me start by telling you this. There are many words that have its roots in the Arabic language and vice versa. And believe me, from where I come from that happens a LOT. So don’t be surprised when that happens, coz Israel is like that. Uniquely inter-twined in everything. That means, there are a LOT of anglicised words used as well. Also, genders are pronounced, written differently, so I am going to mention the easy, gender neutral phrases or words used instead. It will be fun, nevertheless… yalla yalla…

Common words & phrases:

Hello : Shalom (Shaa-lohm)

Yes : Ken

No : Lo

OK : OK/Beh-seh-dehr

Good : Tov

Bad : Lo Tov

Good morning : Boh-kehr Tov

Good evening : Eh-rev Tov

Good night : Laila Tov

How are you : Muh-neesh-maah 

How much : Kaa-maah

Where : Eh-foh

Why : Lah-mah

When : Muh-taay

What : Maah

Money : Keh-sef

Petrol : Petrol / Gaaz

Toilet : Shey-roo-teem

What is your name : Maah shem

My name is : Shem shey-lee (‘sheli’ means mine, ‘shem’ is name )

Where are you from : Mee Eh-foh Atah/Aht (Atah : male, Aht: Female)

I am from : Anee Mee ….. (country)

Hotel : Muh-lohn

Taxi : Taxi / Mooh-neet

Bus : Boos / Auto-boos

Train : Ruh-keh-veht

Restaurant : Mees-aah-daah

Water : Maa-eem

Coffee : Kuh-fey

Tea : Tey

Hot : Khaam

Cold : Kaar

Sugar : Soo-kahr

Milk : Kha-laav

Fish : Daag

Meat : Buh-saahr

Bottle : Buhk-book

Pitcher (water, lemonade) : Kuhn-kahn

Lemonade : Lee-moh-naa-dah

With these many words added to your vocab you are more than ready to go. You will surely do great and in case you get stuck, smile and speak in English. Always works. Ha ha ha.

Also, you will find some useful information on this site “Israel-Land of Creation“. Give it a glance before you come visit. And yes absolutely, you can always write or call us for the REAL info. See you soon.

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