Before we tie the Knot

Bed, bath & beyond

So, this post was about giving a helping hand for our family & friends who would be visiting Israel with regards to their stay. We really wished that we could have let everyone stay with us on our farm. We would have surely enjoyed it. However, due to all the usual ‘balagan’ (buh-laa-gaan) ‘mess’ of building a house, we spent 2 years getting it done & we couldn’t. (We did suggest that they were most welcome to tent it up on the farm, if they were up to it…). So, here is that post…

Hey guys, now that you have decided to come visit and make our wedding more fun, let us try and help you with some ideas of places you can stay around us. (We would have loved to set up tents for all of you to stay with us here on the farm, however, we still setting it all up. A great idea though for another time, eh?).

We live in “Kfar Kish” a moshav near Mount Tabor which is close to Nazareth, Tiberias amongst other places. Ppsstt… Israel is but such a tiny little place, you can travel from the northernmost tip to the southernmost in almost 5 hours (not including the occasional traffic jam). Also, remember, that if you see a ‘word’ that is in BOLD and italics (for eg: the word “AIRBnB” below), have added a link for more info. So, be sure to check them out.

I LOVE the site ‘AIRBnB‘. If you haven’t tried this, well its time. Its an awesome way to save or splurge on a place to live while you vacation. They aren’t hotels but usually investment homes that people rent out to vacationers.

I did this on my recent trip to Goa, India with my family and OMG I was floored. As a first timer, I went with someone who had great reviews and the pictures looked fantastic. We were impressed and loved the experience. (Pppsstt… its a great idea to stick with someone termed as “SuperHost”. They have been rated and people have shared their positive experiences about the hosts & their rentals. However, there are quite a few that have not reached that level and yet have fantastic reviews and you can choose them too just like I did).

You can also try other sites ‘TripAdvisor‘ and ‘‘. ‘Tourist Israel‘ is a great site to check out places to visit, events, hotels, etc.

You can also check in at the hotel “Pearl of the Valley“, which is very close to our moshav (just off the main road) if you intend to stay for a short period (5 days, 4 nights).

Remember, Israel is exceptionally ‘UNIQUE’. Before you book, check reviews, check the map on the site and if still in doubt, contact us. It’s very important to us, that you on the THIS side of Jerusalem and not on the side that they say it is. Oh well….we did say Israel is ‘UNIQUE’.

I have mentioned a few listings below, basis a 8 days, 7 nights stay for 2 adults & 2 kids. Found these awesome places all on AirBnB. A few are splurges and a few awesome savings. You can always change number of days, people, etc. to suit your needs.

At Poria (20 mins away), we found these 2 extremely awesome rentals held by one individual. One is a splurge and the other a save. Check them out.

Found another splurge and double saves (Inspiration HouseHome away from home) at Kibbutz Beit Keshet 14 mins from us.

Found some gems on our own moshav as well. Splurge and save.

And if you feel like living in a chalet in Israel, why not? You can rent a chalet here less than 20 mins from us.

We hope for you to have fun at our wedding, our home, our country. You will love our very own Invincible Israel. Remember, Israel, is literally in the middle of everything. After all, life as we know it began here, they say. Close to all continents, maybe you can extend your vacation and go trip on to Europe or Asia for that matter. Yyiippee..

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